Introducing: YirLab

'By providing young people with opportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit, we can help them prepare for a world where creative thinking is more important than ever before.'

Mitchel Resnick, Lifelong Kindergarten

YirLab (Youth Innovation and Research Lab) is a Hong Kong non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Barbara Shaw.

Inspired by the concept of the Lifelong Kindergarten, pioneered by Mitchel Resnick of MIT, YirLab believes in the value of play as a means of developing the spirit of innovation in today's youth. Following the lead of the ‘Play, Passion, Project’ philosophy, advocated by Resnick and Stuart Brown, YirLab aims to:

  1. Support underpivileged secondary school students in Hong Kong (age 11-18) in their process of exploring and discovering their passions
  2. Help students explore different fields across Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics through play-based learning
  3. Inspire and encourage students to become innovators in their chosen discipline(s)
  4. Provide them the expert mentorship and guidance to follow through their respective lifelong passion projects

We believe that creativity and an innovative spirit hold the key to a better and more sustainable future for our next generation and we can all do our part to help the effort.